6 ukers online akselerasjonsprogram – 30 min info fredag kl 12

Nå kan du søke om opptak i et online akseleratorprogram hos vår portugisiske samarbeidspartner BlueBio Alliance. Få 30 min info nå på fredag kl 12 norsk tid. Registrering til webinar HER.

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Are you interested in applying for Blue Bio Value but still have questions if it is the right fit for you? Join this webinar and get all your questions answered! Register here.

What is Blue Bio Value?

An acceleration program dedicated to bringing ocean-based, sustainable solutions to a new blue bioeconomy. The programme gives you the tools to scale up your marine biobased projects to global market applications in different industries, fostering science-based and biotech innovations, while helping to design a better world.

What do startups get from the program?

  • 6-week online acceleration program, which includes 8 bootcamps, access to key contacts, one-to-one mentorship and lectures with high-level stakeholders.
  • Access to Fábrica de Startups FastStart business methodologies package for life.
  • Access to a high-level network, including mentors, investors, key specialists, other entrepreneurs and some of the best research and technological centers in Europe.
  • Final Pitch Day exposure and other investor connections.
  • 1-year membership in BlueBio Alliance, which gives you access to several benefits.
  • A final prize up to 45,000€ in case you’re one of the winners.

Applications open until July 15th!

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