Det neste forumet i vår europeiske samarbeidplattform EATiP holdes i samarbeid  med HUNATiP, som er vår søsterklynge i Ungarn.

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Bakgrunn og program

As a recent EUMOFA study reveals the importance of the freshwater aquaculture sector is underestimated in Europe. Aquaculture in fishponds (mainly for carp production) and flow-through systems (mainly for trout farming) are the major types of freshwater aquaculture in Europe. Both types of production are currently undergoing significant changes to explore the potentials and to meet environmental, social and economic challenges. Combined intensive-extensive (CIE) systems provide good opportunities to achieve an increased fish production without compromising existing ecosystem services of fishponds and strengthening circular bioeconomy. Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS) enable a more efficient use of freshwater resources and can also be integrated into the carp supply chain. Improved freshwater aquaculture systems contribute not only to the better food supply but also provide employment opportunities in rural regions while maintaining European landscapes and cultural heritage.

The EATiP Forum on Freshwater aquaculture will address new trends, systems and technologies that contribute to a more efficient use and protection of freshwater resources – in Europe and at a global level.

Draft Agenda (06.05.2021) (Gå evt til oppdatert nettside og påmelding HER)

Welcoming address:

  • by David Bassett | EATiP and László Váradi | HUNATiP 

Opening talks:

  • Freshwater Aquaculture in the EU: current situation and potentialities for growth, by Safa Souidi | EUMOFA 
  • Innovations and challenges in freshwater aquaculture for the sustainable utilization and preservation of valuable freshwater resources, by Reinhold Hanel | EIFAAC 

Thematic presentations:

  • Transfer of innovative freshwater aquaculture in developing countries, by Jesper Helbdo | Aquacircle
  • Use of RAS for the better exploitation of freshwater resources, by Tamás Bardocz | AquaBioTech
  • Sustainable intensification: Ecosystem services combined with fish production, by Béla Halasi-Kovács | MATE AKI HAKI
  • An innovative freshwater multi trophic system trialled on Irish peatlands, by Damien Toner | BIM

Q&A, moderated by László Váradi | HUNATiP 

Conclusions and closing remarks