Join the cluster

NCE Aquatech Cluster is a partnership arena where enterprises and institutions for technology based research and education meet in common projects and initiatives, contributing to make the cluster’s companies leading in their markets.

The cluster does not have the goal of having as many participants as possible. It is more important that the quality of the work is high and that the partners have ambitions to be active in the cluster cooperation. This is the only way to make this cooperation useful to our participants.

Participation in the cluster assumes that a participation fee is paid. The fee is calculated based on the size of the business. It is also assumed that the participant company is willing to participate in joint projects with other companies, or to participate in projects initiated by the cluster at the request of the members. The company’s contribution may be either in the form of own hours and/or cash payment.

In 2017, guidelines and application forms will be prepared for admission of companies.
Until then, we ask you kindly to address your request for participation to:
Managing Director Kristian Henriksen, mobile phone: +47 977 82 087, or
Bjørn Damhaug, mobile phone: +47 988 64 444