NCE Aquatech Cluster

NCE Aquatech Cluster is one of the worlds biggest clusters operating within the aquaculture sector. The cluster has over 100 members, with approximately 80 % of members within the supplier category and a number of research- and educational institutions are also key members in the cluster.

The cluster is a part of the Norwegian Innovation Cluster program.
The clusters focus area – sustainable aquaculture food production – and the participants standing and common ambitions towards an international market, brought the cluster status as NCE in the summer of 2016.

NCE Aquatech Clusters main focus is technology for sustainable seafood production worldwide. To meet this vision our primary goal is to strengthen our members competitiveness in the market they operate in and to help them develop along the way in a sustainable manner.

To meet our primary goal we work on the following:

  • Collaboration to develop technology that enables sustainable development within seafood production
  • Strengthen the clusters resource and competence portfolio
  • Stimulate increased international demand through collaborative marketing activities
  • Stimulate the clusters entrepreneurship and capital environment