NCE Aquatech Cluster

The NCE Aquatech Cluster is one of the largest aquaculture clusters globally. It has more than 100 partners representing approximately 15.500 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of 47,5 billion NOK (2015). It represents supplier industry (80 %), large fish farmers, fish processing industry and institutions for technology based research and education.

NCE Aquatech Cluster

The cluster is a part of the Norwegian Innovation Cluster Programme.
The clusters focus area – sustainable aquaculture food production – and the participants standing and common ambitions towards an international market, brought the cluster status as NCE in the summer of 2016.

The mission of the Aquatech Cluster:

  • Provide technology for a sustainable growth in aquaculture food production worldwide
  • Establish the Norwegian aquaculture supplier industry as one of Norway’s top export industries
  • Enable a fourfold sustainable growth in the Norwegian aquaculture production by 2050

Main goal: Increase value creation in the Norwegian aquaculture supplier industry