Students and Pupils

NCE Aquatech Cluster wants to stimulate to a closer connection between students/pupils and cluster companies. The goal is to provide the companies with competence, contribute to improved recruitment to the sector and create good relations between companies and academic communities.

The following events are especially directed towards students:

HAV (Ocean) – This is an annual event where students meet companies within the aquaculture industry. The event used to be held by the cluster akvARENA, but NCE Aquatech Cluster has now taken the lead. The event, which is being held at SINTEF Ocean, draws great attention in the business world, and in 2016, 80 students got the opportunity to meet 8 businesses from different parts of the sea food industry.

Brohode Havbruk: We have a collaboration with NTNU Brohode Havbruk, which is an interaction between companies, high schools, the university and public soft funding within aquaculture. This contributes to the development of new knowledge and an increased recruitment to the sector, and concequently an increased innovation capacity of all parties involved. Brohode Havbruk get together twice a year, and this is announced on our event page.

Experts in Teamwork (EiT): Earlier, through both akvARENA og Smart Water Cluster, the cluster has collaborated with Experts in Teamwork at NTNU (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Issues particularly within aquaculture and/or water technology are still of interest to the NCE Aquatech Cluster.

Project tasks, Bachelor- and Master theses: The cluster management team and the members are always searching for new knowledge. We would love to cooperate with students to develop suitable student tasks. Please contact us to discuss whether your project idea could be interesting to us. We will also gladly help to suggest a topic!

Company visits: We arrange visits for small or larger groups of students. Such visits tend to be most successfull when the group is small and the discipline and type of industry is quite narrow. Are there any companies or industries you would like to visit? Do not hesitate to contact us!