About NCE Aquatech Cluster

Technology for sustainable aquaculture production worldwide.

NCE Aquatech Cluster is one of the worlds biggest clusters operating within the aquaculture sector. Technology, sustainability, knowledge development and knowledge sharing are central to the NCE Aquatech Cluster. The cluster’s main objective is to strengthen the cluster partners’ competitiveness and sustainability.

In the period up to 2024, the NCE Aquatech Cluster has set itself four overall goals:

  • Cooperation on the development of technology and solutions that enable sustainable growth in aquaculture-based food production.
  • Strengthen the cluster’s common resource and competence base.
  • Stimulate increased international demand through collaborative marketing activities.
  • Stimulate the cluster’s entrepreneurship and capital environment.

NCE Aquatech Cluser is a part of the Norwegian Innovation Cluster program.


Contact us:

Kristian Henriksen – Cluster manager
+47 977 82 087 | kristian@aquatechcluster.no